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02. March 2021
Annika Gödde

The research college SecHuman warmly invites to their kick-off event with international keynote and presentation of past and future research projects.…

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01. March 2021
Johanna Luttermann

CASA cordially invites you to the next ITS regulars' table this Thursday, March 4 at 6 pm.


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01. March 2021

The second workshop on the topic of "Vision and Goals" will take place on March 4, 2021 via Zoom.

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24. February 2021
Christina Scholten

Amazon screens special voice assistant functions for security. However, scammers can circumvent this check – one of several problems.

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Lecture Series by Christof Paar Mentioned in Gemischtes Hack - News February 2021
11. February 2021
Annika Gödde

The wide-reaching YouTube channel "Einführung in die Kryptographie von Christof Paar" has made it into the most popular German-language podcast.

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PHYSEC Crowned Winner of ECSO’s European Cybersecurity STARtup Award - News February 2021
05. February 2021
Milda Kaklauskaitė

On the 2nd February after going head-to-head with seven other leading European cybersecurity startups, Germany-based PHYSEC was named the winner of…

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Authentication using RBA: little-used despite high usability and increased security - News February 2021
04. February 2021
Christina Scholten

A team of researchers shows that RBA (risk-based authentication) provides high security with just a few characteristics (e.g., IP address and browser…

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Computer Science Day, February 17, 2021
02. February 2021

The Center of Computer Science cordially invites you to the first Computer Science Day at the Ruhr-Uni Bochum.

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"SolarWinds has paid insufficient attention to IT security" - Interview with Thorsten Holz. January 2021
25. January 2021

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Holz spoke with the Science Media Center about IT security's high importance after the SolarWinds hack.

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Bochum start-up project for data center protection funded. January 2021
20. January 2021
Martina Rinkens

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting the startup "immune" as part of the "StartUpSecure" funding program with…

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Franziska Herbert - A new face at Equal Opportunities. January 2021
18. January 2021
Lara Zeitel

Franziska Herbert from the Chair of Mobile Security is the new decentralized Equal Opportunity Officer of the faculty.

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Boost IT security in the Ruhr region: Join the "InSicht.Ruhr" project. January 2021
13. January 2021

The first workshop under the slogan "Strengths. Weaknesses. Potentials?" on 28.01.2021 is open to anyone interested.

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Save the date: CASA Distinguished Lecture with Brad Reaves, January 25, 2021
21. December 2020

The topic will be announced soon.

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The HGI wishes you a Merry Christmas!
18. December 2020

The office is closed from 23.12.20 - 04.01.2021.

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Save the date: CASA Distinguished Lecture with Lorenzo Cavallaro, January 14, 2021
15. December 2020

Topic: "Intriguing Properties of Adversarial ML Attacks in the Problem Space"

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Research result as quiz question in ARD program. December 2020
14. December 2020
Julia Troska

With their paper "This Pin can be easily guessed," HGI researchers made it onto the ARD quiz show.

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Save the date:CASA Distinguished Lecture with Elissa Redmiles, February 1, 2021
09. December 2020

Topic: "Learning from the People: From Normative to Descriptive Solutions to Problems in Security, Privacy & Machine Learning"

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Post-Quantum Cryptography: CASA scientists successfully work on algorithms for the future. December 2020
04. December 2020
Christina Scholten

Most of the finalists in the NIST PQC standardizing process are members of CASA.

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Forschungskolleg "Sicherheit für Menschen im Cyberspace" (SecHuman) extended. December 2020
01. December 2020
Julia Weiler

IT security as a societal phenomenon is the focus of the Research Training Group.

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Register now: The eurobits Security Summit starting soon. November 2020
28. November 2020

From November 30, various events will take place within the summit.

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a-i3/BSI Symposium with lectures by numerous HGI scientists. November 2020
23. November 2020

On November 25 and 26, 2020, the 15th interdisciplinary symposium of the working group Identity Protection on the Internet (a-i3) will take place.

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Application deadline for the eurobits Excellence Award 2020 extended. November 2020
10. November 2020

The Award is endowed with prize money of 1000 Euros.

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Save the Date: ITS.Connect Digital Days, 4./9./19.11.2020
04. November 2020

Participants can meet IT security companies in online guided tours or live demonstrations.

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Follow-up surveys on Corona Apps show differences between countries. November 2020
02. November 2020

China has the highest acceptance of usage.

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Save the date: CASA Distinguished Lecture with Adam Shostack, November 16 2020
01. November 2020

Topic: "We Need A Discipline of Cyber Public Health"

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Because of Corona: CASA's virtual internship as a practical solution. October 2020
26. October 2020

Elahe Sadeghi completed her planned internship at CASA online.

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Open Positions: Exc. CASA PostDoc Positions (m/f/d) 39,83 h/w 2 years. October 2020
20. October 2020

The positions are part of the "Postdoc Jump-Start Program".

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International flagship project for start-ups launched. October 2020
06. October 2020

Worldfactory-International complements the RUB's existing excellence start-up support.

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Open PhD positions at the Research College SecHuman. September 2020
18. September 2020

Interdisciplinary doctorate for technical/mathematical and humanities and social science PhD students

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HGI researchers discover vulnerability in TLS 1.2 and earlier versions. September 2020
10. September 2020

The TLS encryption protocol is normally considered to be very safe - but a team of researchers at HGI has now discovered a vulnerability.

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