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Opening of the CASA Art Installation DIS/PLAY

The artist Ralf Baecker has designed a work of art for the Cluster of Excellence CASA that makes the research topics of IT security tangible.

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Already in 2021 the idea arose to have an artwork created for the work spaces of CASA, which would allow visitors to creatively engage with the cluster's IT security research. The search for a suitable artist led to Ralf Baecker, who is also Professor of Experimental Design of New Technologies at the Bremen University of the Arts. His art, which is always situated at the interface of art, science and technology, immediately excited the team. After an initial exchange on the campus of the Ruhr-Universität in Bochum, the collaboration began. Due to the Corona pandemic, there were slight delays in the development of the artwork, but it is now moving into the MC building on the RUB campus.

About the Artwork
The result is a site-specific installation titled "DIS/PLAY" that will be installed across the research and work areas of the scientists* on the ground and second floors of the building, making walking through the hallways an experience. The artwork will transform the building into a large distributed computer and screen: Bits and bytes flow through the building, swarms of characters and numbers move through hallways and rooms. The themes of surveillance, data protection (privacy) and cryptography will be addressed.

Festive Opening of the Artwork
On Thursday, April 20, the installation will be officially opened on the RUB campus. After an approximately one-hour lecture program with contributions by RUB Chancellor Christina Reinhardt, CASA speaker Eike Kiltz and artist Ralf Baecker, a get-together is planned. There will be an opportunity to talk with the artist, take part in short tours of the building, or explore the artwork on your own. Registration for the event is now until April 11 possible here.

All interested people are cordially invited!

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