HGI home to a further interdisciplinary graduate school and two early career researcher groups

The Horst Görtz Institute is pleased to be able to assume responsibility for coordinating an additional interdisciplinary graduate school as of August. The name of the NRW-wide graduate school, “Human Centered Systems Security – North Rhine Westphalian Experts in Research on Digitalization”, makes absolutely clear the group’s focus on the human factor. The school is tasked with developing solutions for end users that are easy to use and easy to understand, transparent and tailored to the respective needs of users. The Horst Görtz Institute will supervise 14 doctoral researchers and coordinate planned projects through 2021. Besides the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, a further 8 universities in NRW are involved. We were additionally successful in landing two of the four early career researcher groups that were awarded in NRW. The group led by Dr David José Barrera will focus on security related to the Internet of Things. The group led by Dr Elizabeth Stobert will investigate the human aspect of IT security.

Read the complete press release here (in German only).