Whitepaper "Artificial Intelligence and IT Security" published

At the beginning of April the whitepaper "Artificial Intelligence and IT Security" of the Platform Learning Systems was published. It was written by a group of authors of AG3 "IT Security, Privacy, Law and Ethics". From the HGI of the RUB Prof. Dr. Thorsten Holz is involved.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will improve the security of IT systems in the future. In the hands of cybercriminals, it also opens the door to new threats to IT security. The AI systems themselves must also be protected against manipulation.

The white paper analyses the dynamics between IT security and AI and identifies fields of action for business, research and politics. For example, the authors call on small and medium-sized enterprises and IT specialists in particular to support the development of competencies. They also stress that AI systems can mitigate the shortage of IT security specialists by performing routine IT security auditing tasks. However, human specialists cannot replace AI in the field of IT security either.

You can download the white paper "Artificial Intelligence and IT Security" here. (In german only)

Further information on the topic can be found at: https://www.plattform-lernende-systeme.de