HGI researchers demonstrate security vulnerabilities in health apps in TV show

© ZDF and Manuel Dalitz, Mario Haas

What are the risks of digitalization of our healthcare system? The TV show "ZDF-Zoom" of November 20, which can now be viewed in advance in the media library, pursues this question. For the report Professor Thorsten Holz and PhD Matteo Große-Kampmann of the Horst Görtz Institut for IT-security were asked as experts.

The scientists present thereby first research results for the analysis of healthcare Apps. They had tested 20 programs and shown security vulnerabilities. They had access to private user data through gaps in the system - for example, they had full access to the photos uploaded into the apps.

In the TV-Show, Professor Holz criticizes the carelessness of the app provider and explains: "It is difficult for a user to decide whether something is secure because he cannot see how the data is being used, whether the data remains locally on the mobile phone or is sent to the server or is stored there unsecuredly.“

The Research on this topic is currently still in the publishing process.

This link will take you to the TV show in the ZDF Mediathek.

Personal information: Matteo Große-Kampmann is the founder of the IT security start-up Aware7, a successful spin-off of the start-up incubator Cube5.