Save the Date: ITS.Connect Digital Days, 4./9./19.11.2020

Participants can meet IT security companies in online guided tours or live demonstrations.

ITS. Connect - The Job Fair for IT Security

Since 2008, ITS.Connect has offered all students of IT security and related subjects the opportunity to get in touch with numerous companies in the industry in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether it's the start of their professional life, final theses or internships, ITS.Connect always supports students on their way to a successful career! If you want to get an overview of the industry or expand your networks, we are the right place for you. In 2019 we welcomed more than 60 different companies and around 400 students from all over Germany.

In 2020 we could not organize a big job fair due to the corona situation in May. Therefore, we are now announcing a new concept for fall 2020, a four-day event that will focus on careers in the IT security industry.

Digital Days

In the winter semester 2020 there will be three Digital Days (4/9/19/19.11. 2020, 14-16 o'clock). During these days we offer the possibility to get an overview of different companies in the ITS-branch in a short time. About eight companies will participate in each of the three days. In the first part of the two-hour format, all participating companies introduce themselves one after the other. Afterwards, the participants are taken to separate virtual rooms. There, online guided tours of the companies are offered, questions about the company and its everyday work are answered, job advertisements are discussed or live demonstrations are shown.

Registration is now open. The list of companies can be found on the registration page.

The first Digital Day will take place on 4.11.2020 from 14 - 16 o'clock. A link to the event will be provided here shortly before!

Case Study Day

On 1.12.2020, a selection of companies will provide a more intensive insight into the activities and work culture of your company. Within the eurobits Security Summit there will be a case study day with a limited number of participants. A case study lasts about 30 minutes and will be led by an employee from the ITS department of a company. Four to six students can participate. As an introduction, a descriptive scenario from everyday working life will be described. This could be, for example, a time-critical inquiry from a customer or a strategic decision that needs to be discussed. Afterwards, the team may discuss, ask questions or puzzle. In the end, it is not only the solution that is found: in addition to a technical insight into the company, you will also have gained an impression of the typical way of working.

The registration will be activated here at the beginning of November.

Job advertisements

At the start of the winter semester 20/21, there will be an online job exchange for IT security. All companies participating in the Digital Days and the Case Study Day will be listed in the ITS.Connect catalog. This will be on display in the ID building in the first week of December. On Case Study Day, the Jobwall will also be located in the ID Building.

Application photos

All students who participate fully on two of the three digital days will receive a time slot for free professional application photos on 1.12.2020 between 12 and 16 o'clock. If a pseudonym is used for participation, you can send it to us from your RUB e-mail address directly after the Digital Day.


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