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New Working Group "SicherDigi" Started at HGI

Interdisciplinary aspects of IT security are the focus of the new working group.

SicherDigi combines different points of view to explore IT security in an interdisciplinary way. Copyright:

Interdisciplinary research on IT security is becoming increasingly important. It thus takes into consideration a holistic view, in which relevant aspects of IT security are taken into a closer perspective, which go beyond purely technical issues.

This is precisely where the new interdisciplinary working group "Security Production in the Digital Age" - or "SicherDigi" for short - takes its starting point. The aim is to conduct interdisciplinary research, particularly on aspects from the humanities and social sciences in the context of IT security.

In close cooperation with the technical sciences, scientists from the fields of media studies (Prof. Dr. Anna Tuschling), philosophy (Junior Prof. Dr. Sebastian Weydner-Volkmann), law and criminology (Junior Prof. Dr. Sebastian Golla), social sciences (Prof. Dr. Estrid Sørensen, Olga Galanova) and contemporary history (Prof. Dr. Constantin Goschler, Dr. Marcus Böick, Christopher Kirchberg) are currently working together.

One focus of the working group is, for example, to investigate processes and dynamics of change in the production of IT security with a regional focus on the Ruhr region. Both producers and buyers of IT security are taken into account in the joint research projects.

General note: In case of using gender-assigning attributes we include all those who consider themselves in this gender regardless of their own biological sex.