Inaugural Lecture Prof. Naiakshina

The Faculty of Computer Science cordially invites to Alena Naiakshina’s inaugural lecture.

Copyright: Alena Naiakshina

Since November 2021, Alena Naiakshina is the professor Developer Centered Security at the Faculty of Computer Science and investigates the behaviour of software developers in the context of IT security. In her inaugural lecture she will introduce herself and present her research interests. The topic of her lecture is: "Don't Blame Developers! Examining a Password-Storage Study Conducted with Students, Freelancers, and Company Developers“.

When: May 25th, 2022, 2 pm

Where: Open Space, Building MC, RUB Campus (Directions: Universitätsstraße 140) / Map

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Software developers‘ programming security mistakes can threaten millions of end users‘ data. To deepen insights into developers‘ security behavior around the security-critical task ofuser-password storage, Naiakshina et al. conducted laboratory, online, and field studies with computer science students, freelancers, and professional developers from various companies. Besides investigating software developers‘ processes and security practices while storing user passwords in databases, they tested the usability of different application programming interfaces (APIs) and explored the methodological implications of several security-study parameters, including deception task design, sample variety, and the comparison of qualitative with quantitative research approaches.

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